Sanctuary of the Children of the Rainbow
E Na Opio O Anuenue

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History of the Sanctuary of the Children of the Rainbow

The name "Sanctuary of the Children of the Rainbow", refers to the returning ancestors, those beings from around the world who answer the call home to Kauai. The returning ancestors in some of the universal prophecies are called the Children of the Rainbow because they come in all colors of the rainbow. The vision of the restoration of the garden has been revealed through written and oral histores of cultures around the world. This mission, to recreate heaven on earth, has been remembered by many of the founding members and elders as part of their spiritual awakening.

The church, Sanctuary of the Rainbow, was founded on Kauai, on October 21st, 2002, by Reverend Catherine Stovall, in a circle of 55 witnesses who shared in the unveiling of the creed. In 2003 the Church was incorporated as a Corporation Sole in the State of Hawaii.

The Sanctuary is governed by the reigning High Priestess and the Council of Elders, in accordance with the canons of the church. There are four members serving on the Council of Elders; Reverend Garen Ferrenbach, Kahu Puna Dawson, Reverend Daniel Staley, and Reverend Carter Redding. Reverend Catherine Stovall is the current High Priestess. The founding members of the church who participated in the formation of the Corporation Sole, in 2003, are; Steve Rogers, Siri Shabad, Barbara Heacock, Reverend Loreon Vignes, Reverend Carter Redding, Reverend Garen Ferenback, Kahu Puna Dawson, Don Bogowitz, Reverend Deborah Burnham, Jennifer DeLaRosa, Isis Kelly, Psolar and Reverend Catherine Stovall.

There are twelve Ordained Ministers of the Sanctuary of the Children of the Rainbow: Reverend Deborah Burnham, Reverend Garen Ferrenbach, Kahu Puna Dawson, Reverend Carter Redding, Reverend Catherine Stovall, Reverend Lola Jacques, Reverend Jeannine Daigle, Reverend Madonna Lake, Reverend Tom Lee, Reverend Trish Lee, Reverend Shawna Carol, and Reverend Anne Rogers DeAnda.